2018 Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run

Karen Nichols


Friends of the Poor Walk

Detroit, MI


St. Thomas More

What was very surprising to me when I joined The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was the principle way Vincentians help those facing difficulties. It is not from a distant level, but on a one-on-one, person-to-person basis, to best understand each situation. They have met with the aging adult who has no advocate, listened to the worries of a single mother overwhelmed with responsibilities, and worked directly with a family’s landlord to prevent eviction. They are not faceless cases … they are our neighbors, in our own communities, each struggling with their own unique personal circumstances. St. Vincent de Paul called those who befriended the struggling and the poor, “Butterflies of God”. I pray that God will help us reach those grounded in suffering, and that we will have the grace and resources to help lighten their burden.

The Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run is a national event coordinated by the Development Team at the National 
Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


For questions about the National FOP® Walk Program, please contact Nathan Martin:

(314)576-3993 ext. 218


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