2020 Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run

Stephanie Badua-Smail


St. Vincent Ferrer FOP Virtual Walk/Run Vallejo

Vallejo, CA


St. Vincent Ferrer Vallejo

Help me raise funds and together we can help the needy in our community.


The Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run is a national event coordinated by the Development Team at the National 
Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


For questions about the National FOP® Walk Program, please contact Nathan Martin:

(314)576-3993 ext. 218


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Online - $25 | Offline - $0

Goal - $50


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  1. Stephanie Badua-Smail - $25

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Stephanie Badua-Smail

SVDP and my mom and Cynthia spend countless hours tending to the needs of hundreds of family. My mom, the president, works for SVDP like it’s her second job. This organization pours every dollar back into the community. I know that my donation will go straight to someone that genuinely needs it. Because of proximity, I hear countless traumatizing stories about loss and what people have to do in the face of it. I hear maybe 25% of the stories. There is so much on SVDP’s plate. I’m glad I could help somehow.

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