Friends of the Poor© Walk

Olga Blanthorne


Los Angeles Council FOP Walk 2021

Burbank , CA


St. Christopher West Covina

Please help raise money for our neighborhood families who are having difficulties paying their rent, utilities, etc. Funds will also help supply fresh food for our ongoing food bank.


The Friends of the Poor® Walk is a national event coordinated by the Development Team at the National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


For questions about the National FOP® Walk Program, please contact the FOP Walk Team at


Current Total


Online - $225 | Offline - $240

Goal - $1000


Top Donations

  1. Amparano Family - $150
  2. Olga Blanthorne - $50
  3. Olga Blanthorne - $25

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Olga Blanthorne

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Olga Blanthorne

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Amparano Family

Keep walking

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